Putting on a play like Letters to the Universe takes a lot of people, a lot of years, and a lot of money. 

It’s not easy to work as an artist, especially if you are Queer, Trans, Black Indigenous, a person of colour, and/or interested in creating meaningful, political work that actively resists internal and external oppression. Funding and resources are limited, the city is expensive; it’s seriously hard to get paid for our art at all, never mind paid well!

Artists are highly undervalued for their work and contribution to society, and yet we all need art. We need art to survive, to ask questions, to get answers, to be inspired. We need art when we’re hurting, when we’re joyful, when we’re heartbroken. We need art for hope and possibility models. Art helps us feel, move and love.

We really want to pay the cast and crew of Letters to the Universe more than just a few crumbs for their tireless, passionate heart-work! If you have the means or desire to donate to our project, we would love and appreciate your support. No amount is too large or too small. Your contribution will go directly toward supporting accessibility costs and paying QTBIPOC artists for their work. 


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