meet the characters: The Star


The Star, played by Shadrack. Photography by Maxwell Lander. Make-up by Trixi Jones.

This is the energy of Neptune in astrology – exhaustion, letting go, unconditional love. This is The Star in Tarot and Letters to the Universe. 

Today, I am too tired not to believe.

Today, I am too drained to convince myself that it isn’t possible.

Today, it will take all of my energy to worry that I am not good enough, that I am broken, that I am damaged, that I am un-fixable, and I’m already running on an empty tank.

It takes too much effort, too much labour, to maintain a perspective that is built on a foundation of abuse.

I’m too worn for that.

The arduous task of making myself smaller, making myself fit into something that doesn’t belong to me…well, it’s hilariously impossible today.

It’s irrelevant today.

Today, nothing is true except for the fact that I get to have every ounce of respect, safety, and fulfillment I’ve ever needed, wanted, wished for.

I don’t have time for anything other than that.

My heart is too big, today.

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