meet the characters: The Healer


The Healer, played by Miranda Warner. Photography by Maxwell Lander. Make-up by Trixi Jones.

A life infused with grief not a bad life. Grieve, just don’t wallow.

When things break or die, put them in the ground. Thank them for what was shared and what was learned. Allow time and space for ceremony, for tears, for sleep, for remembering. Let their life run through you, even after they’re gone. Repeat as much as necessary, and in non-linear time. Just don’t wallow in old bath-water. Luke-warm and steeped with dirt and crusty skin-flakes, serving no need other than to make you feel gross. There is a difference, find it.

Live a life with patience, just not waiting.

Waiting is hanging around for someone/thing to be something for you that it has no desire to be.

Patience is planting seeds from broken glass. Hands nurturing and cultivating new life in the earth, but not rushing the process. Patience is the gift and surprise of witnessing what sprouts into the sky, new love that is all at once familiar and brand new.

The path of a healing is a misunderstood and mysterious one. As if acts of grieving, patience, allowing, receiving, and witnessing could be done without a ferocity and superhuman strength. This is the Strength card in tarot, and the spirit of The Healer in Letters to the Universe.

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