Shaunga Tagore’s Letters to the Universe is a brown femme “superqueero’s” journey through time warps and alternate dimensions where she meets her epic, complicated spirit guides – Premonition, The Warrior, The Conjurer, The Healer, The Siren and The Star, who each teach her about the secret of magic. This play infuses theatre, dance, poetry, song, video projection, and astrology. It is about survivors, ancestors, family, and curious twin spirits like grief & joy, life & death, madness & magic.



to everyone who supported and witnessed our 4-day workshop run at The Theatre Centre (September 14-17). If you missed the show, you can read a review about it HERE.

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All proceeds go toward supporting Queer, Trans, Black, Brown, Indigenous Artists, and will help us mount more projects like this in the future. Thank you to everyone who supported this phase of our development including Toronto Rape Crisis Centre, Intergalactic Arts Collective, The Gladstone Hotel, b current, Storefront Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Tagore family, Ganguly family, Sarkar family, Bose family, Chakroborty family, David Robert Duncan Parsons and numerous other individuals who offered time, energy, money, work, presence and spirit. This workshop was produced with support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.




Letters to the Universe is visioned, written, and performed by Shaunga Tagore and is inspired by her own life experiences. Shaunga is a writer, producer, astrologer and tarot reader based in Tkaronto.

Director / Supporting Performer: Ravyn Wngz
Assistant Director: Dainty Smith
Choreography / Supporting Performer: Sze-Yang Ade-Lam
Stage Manager: Samson Brown
Dramaturg: Audrey Dwyer
Supporting Performers: Anabel Khoo, Robin Akimbo, Shadrack, Miranda Warner
Producer: Sedina Fiati
Associate Producer: Bishara Mohammed
Costume Designer: Daniel Thompson
Production Manager: James Kendal
Lighting Designer: Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher
Assistant Stage Manager: Laura Swan
Make-Up Artist: Trixi Jones
Photography: Maxwell Lander
Graphic Design: Jenny Chan

All cast and crew members of Letters to the Universe identify as queer, trans, genderqueer, Black, Indigenous and/or people of colour (QTBIPOC). On our team we have survivors, single parents, deaf/hard of hearing artists, people who live with chronic pain, disability and mental health struggles.  This is not an accident.

Historical and systemic oppression against Queer, Trans, Indigenous, Black and people of colour all around the world has left devastating consequences on our right to express ourselves, build solidarity and community with one another, and connect to a core part of our spirits, energy and passion.

And yet, here we are. We tell stories to survive, to hope, to create individual and collective change, to love bigger and better. We’d love to share this story with you. Please come to see our show and read more about how you can support this work!

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